• Furniture Design
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    • Credit. 3
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    • Fall , 2015
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    • Course Description:
    • ( Exchange Programme )
    • Furniture design is one of the most design oriented areas in the whole design industry. It requires a comprehensive appliance of design skills, aesthetics, manufacturing knowledge as well as hands-on modeling. As a course taught in senior year, it integrates earlier design training and brings it to a more practical level, focusing on the whole hands-on design process, helping students get close to the real industry and be prepared for future practice.
      This course is meant to teach Industrial Design students knowledge of furniture design, including historical case studies, manufacturing, materials, ergonomics and market, etc. The lecturer obtained background from furniture design industry for years, therefore would be able to tutor students going through a practical furniture design process. By a complete guide from design research to design and manufacturing, students would be able to go through the whole design process. They will be able to make their own furniture piece by the end of the course.
      Craftsmanship has been one of the key capabilities of industrial designers, including rapid prototyping, prototyping and modeling. Prototyping and modeling will be integrated throughout the whole course. 2 1:4 prototypes and 1 1:1 model will be built during the process for a better understanding of materials and manufacturing, as well as proof to validate and present ideas.
    • Course Syllabus:
    • After completing the course, students should:
      1.Obtain the knowledge of Chinese furniture history
      2.Obtain the knowledge of Western furniture history
      3.Understand how the furniture industry works
      4.Understand the property of materials and be able to utilize them in design
      5. Understand the furniture manufacturing process (both industry and craftsmanship)
      6. Be able to hand craft their own furniture piece.
    • Schedule:
    • Topics/ Credit hours / Teaching methodology / Tasks / Intended learning outcomes / Assessment methods

      1.Furniture historical case study/8 Credit hours/Lecture/Design ideation/
      2.Materials and Manufacturing/4 Credit hours/Lecture/Design ideation/
      3.Furniture design/4 Credit hours/Lecture/Design ideation/
      4.Furniture industry/2 Credit hours/Lecture/Design ideation/
      5.Design/10 Credit hours/Tutoring/Design concepts/Design concepts/Design concepts
      6.Modeling/16 Credit hours/Tutoring/Models/2 1:4 prototypes 1 1:1 model/models
      7.Presentation/4 Credit hours/Presentation/presentation/presentation
  • Reading list
  • Other Materials
  • Discussion
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    • Zhang Zhan
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    • zhanzhang@sjtu.edu.cn
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  • Prerequisite Course:

    Product Design I & II

  • Textbooks:

    1. Furniture Design By Jim Postell 2014 Spinger
  • Grading:

    15%/Class Performance
    15%/Final Presentation
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