• Quality Management
    • Antai College of Economics & Management
    • Credit. 2
    • BU308
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    • Fall , 2015
    • 1721
    • Course Description:
    • ( Exchange Programme )
    • Quality Management (QM) is a philosophy adopted by a continually growing number of companies with national and global customers. Two major components of QM in manufacturing and service processes are Design of Experiment (DOE) for product improvement and Statistical Quality Control (SQC) for production. In the corporate marketplace, businesses now require knowledge of DOE and/or SQC principles which, in turn, requires an integrated effort among its employees. Not only will statisticians be required to apply DOE/SQC techniques, but management, engineers, and all those involved in producing and marketing a product must be familiar with the benefits of DOE/SQC.
    • Course Syllabus:
    • After completing the course, students should:
      1. Learn statistical methods commonly used by industry to design, monitor and ultimately improve the quality of products and services.
      2. Understand theoretical justification for the methods used for quality management.
      3. Understand how to apply the methods and theories in practice through three hands-on projects.
    • Schedule:
    • Topics/ Credit hours / Teaching methodology / Tasks / Intended learning outcomes / Assessment methods

      1.Introduction to QM and 6 Sigma/3 Credit Hours/Lecture/
      2.DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control),Project 1: Design and produce paper helicopter/3 Credit Hours/Lecture Project/Upload the flight time information of paper helicopters/Understand how different to produce following the design/
      3.Statistical methods in QM (1) Use the data in Project 1 to conduct analysis (1)/3 Credit
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  • Prerequisite Course:

    Probability Theory、Statistics

  • Textbooks:

    1. Introduction to Statistical Quality Control (7e), Douglas Montgomery. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (20
  • Grading:

    30%/Projects (3)
    40%/Final Exam
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