• Introduction to Transportation Fundamentals
    • School of Naval Architecture,Ocean & Civil Engineering
    • Credit. 2
    • TR202
    • Enroll
    • Spring , 2015
    • 4111
    • Course Description:
    • ( Exchange Programme )
    • This course teaches the fundamental knowledge of transportation, including the difference between transportation and traffic, composition and characteristics of transportation modes, vehicles, transportation management, transportation planning, and transportation information service, which are all helpful for the students to gain solid theoretical background. Moreover, it also introduces the intelligent transportation system (ITS) and other new technologies in the field of transportation.
    • Course Syllabus:
    • After completing the course, students should:

      1. Understand the property and purposes of modern transportation, including the general five modes of transportation.
      2. The categories with the components of the system were introduces and the system performance evaluation.
      3. Students may get familiar with the vehicles and transportation system design, and could become interested in the system.
    • Schedule:
    • Topics / Credit hours / Teaching methodology / Tasks / Intended learning outcomes / Assessment methods

      1. Introduction on transporation history and development /2 Credit hours/Lectures, Presentation/
      2.General introduction of the transportation systems/2 Credit hours/Lectures, Presentation/
      3. Urban transportation planning and related software/2 Credit hours/Computer lab practice/
      4. Transportation Capacity Analysis/4 Credit hours/Lectures, Presentation/
      5. Transportation network design/4
  • Reading list
  • Other Materials
  • Discussion
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    • Sun Jian
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    • Yin Jingbo
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  • Prerequisite Course:

    No requirement

  • Textbooks:

    1.《General Introduction of Transportation Engineering (3rd ed.)》,Zukang Yao, Baonan Gu, People commu
  • Grading:

    10%/ Attendance
    25%/ Homework
    65%/ Final Exam
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