• International Maritime Policy and Law 国际海事政策与法规
    • School of Naval Architecture,Ocean & Civil Engineering
    • Credit. 2
    • TR409
    • Enroll
    • Spring , 2015
    • 2744
    • Course Description:
    • ( Exchange Programme )
    • This course is one the compulsory courses designed forunder-graduate students in the Department of International Shipping andLogistics. The course mainly focuses on historical background of internationalmaritime policies and regulations, their applications and their trends. Byfollowing this course, the students will get familiar with the law of nations,the private international law, the popular maritime articles and ChineseMaritime Code, and relevant regulations. Then the students are expected to beable to handle maritime accidents and losses by using relevant reference booksand cases. The dedicated discussions and teamwork will be helpful to build upteamwork spirit and independency.
    • Course Syllabus:
    • The contents cover the introduction to law ofnations, introduction to the private international law, discussions on casesbased on maritime codes and marine insurance regulations and policy.
    • Schedule:
    • Week 01. Framework of the Course; Brief Introduction on National and International Organizations; General Provisions of the Maritime Code

      Week 02. Ownership of Ships; Morgage of Ships

      Week 03. Maritime Lien; The Master and the Crew

      Week 04. Contract of Carriage of Goods by Sea; Shipper's and Carriers' Ownership

      Week 05. Transport Documents; Delivery of Goods

      Week 06. Charter Parties

      Week 07. Contract of Sea Towage; Collision of Ships

      Week 08. Salvage at Sea; General Average; Maritime Insurance
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  • Prerequisite Course:

    International Shipping Management

  • Textbooks:

    Carriage of Cargoes by Sea 2nd Edition
    Admiralty Law
  • Grading:

    70% final exam, 20% assignment, 10% attendance
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