• Introduction of physics Research II
    • Department of Physics and Astronomy
    • Credit. 2
    • PH121
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    • Spring , 2015
    • 1008
    • Course Description:
    • ( Exchange Programme )
    • This course is the second part of the “Introduction to Physics Research”. The idea of the course is to give a brief introduction to the freshmen about the meaning of physics research nowadays. The course will cover basic concepts in condensed matter physics, optics and other fields as well. A few important research branches in current physics research will be emphasized.
    • Course Syllabus:
    • After completing the course, students should:
      1.Understand the meaning of physics research.
      2.Know the main research fields.
      3.Learn the impact of choosing physics.
      4. Know how to pursuit physics research
    • Schedule:
    • Introduction 2hours
      From Atom to Solid 6hours
      Metal, insulator and Semiconductor 4hours
      Magnetism 4hours
      Superconductivity 4hours
      Technology development 2hours
      Special Topic I 2hours
      Special Topic II 2hours
      Special Topic III 2hours
      Discussion I 2hours
      Discussion II 2hours
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    Oral and written reports. Grading: 0-100
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