• Academic Communications in English
    • School of Foreign Languages
    • Credit. 2
    • EN908
    • Enroll
    • Spring , 2015
    • 4082
    • Course Description:
    • ( Exchange Programme )
    • Academic communications in English is a course focusing on task-based academic writing and oral presentation. The course is designed for developing students’ skills of researching in their academic discipline. Students are required to finish series of tasks of research projects and present to the class collaboratively.

      The course is designed to provide you with the methods to plan, research, organize, write, edit, and evaluate various forms of academic communication. It is also intended for improving your ability of presentation for seminars and conferences in the academic world. The process of writing and editing academic research paper on the basis of literature review and research work will be presented. Strategies and skills for oral presentations will be introduced, with a number of examples to illustrate how to start, organize, conclude and deliver a speech most effectively. Cooperation in academics will be manifested and highlighted all through the course. The coursework will include writing and editing exercises, discussions on ethics and writing styles and techniques, evaluation of information resources, a group research paper, and group oral presentations based on the research paper, etc.
    • Course Syllabus:
    • Course Outcomes

      By the end of the course, students will have performed the following:

      • Produce quality technical papers totaling 1200-1500 words (3 students about 3600-4500 words) of finished work.
      • Function effectively on multidisciplinary teams to accomplish common goals.
      • Demonstrate an understanding of professional responsibility in ethical and social issues.
      • create oral presentations using appropriate media.
      • Plan, organize, prepare, and deliver effective academic reports in written, oral, and other formats appropriate to the discipline and goals of the program.
      • Demonstrate the ability to make appropriate decisions regarding the form, format, and style of a proposed academic document based on the target audience.
      • Use effective methodologies for reviewing, editing, and revising a technical document to communicate effectively with a range of audiences.
      • Identify the key elements that form the basis for effective academic writing, public speaking and sound scientific research.
      • Develop ability of cooperation in research work by finishing tasks in a team.
      Activity Summary

       Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of ethics in academic world by discussing and describing ethical issues.
       Learn library and Internet search methods to conduct research for writing and presenting reports.
       Give an introduction of yourself to an audience of your peers. (3-5 minute speech)
       Do brainstorming, outlining, drafting and revising of research paper.
       Perform “Peer Review Editing" of another’s writing to enhance your overall writing skills.
       Demonstrate multidisciplinary collaborative Team writing and presentation skills by participating in a collaborative technical research project (TRP) (3 students per team) which includes a written report (1200-1500 words per person) and an oral multimedia presentation using Power Point and additional visual aids (5 min. per person).
       Watch a large number of videos and gain an understanding of what a good presentation is and use presentation skills in presentations.
    • Schedule:
      Week lecture topics and activities
      1 An introduction to academic communications regarding writing and making oral presentations. Overview of the course goals and expectations in the Course Syllabus. Teacher introduction. Discuss preparing the self-introduction. Organize team members according to students’ majors (social science & art/science & engineering).
      2 Brainstorming your topic for team research. (Chapter 1)
      Library and Internet research methods: Use library and online resources. Citing & Documenting Sources (APA format). (Chapters 2, 12)
      3 Formulating the thesis (Chapters 3), Writing an outline (Chapters 4)
      Understanding the “Writing Process”, having a Healthy Writing Attitude. (Chapter 12)
      Team Research Project (TRP)Brainstorming sheet is due
      4 Self-introductions (3 min)
      Outline for self-introduction is due
      5 Writing an abstract and an introduction (Chapters 5, 6)
      Team Research Project (TRP) Outline is due.
      6 Doing literature review I (Chapter 7)
      7 Doing literature review II (Chapter 7)
      8 Writing research method and result (Chapter 8, 9)
      9 Writing research discussion and conclusion (Chapters 10, 11) ,
      Editing, re-writing and proofreading of drafts (Chapter 13)
      Team Research Project (TRP) 1st draft is due
      10 Presenting your research I (Chapter 14)
      Peer review is due
      11 Presenting your research II (Chapter 14)
      Team Research Project (TRP) second draft is due
      12 Delivering your speech (Chapter 15)
      13 Teacher feedback of second draft in groups (face to face) 10 minutes for each group
      14 Presentation of Team Research Project (TRP) (group work, with each student giving 5 minutes presentation and 1 minute question and answer. Come to class 10 minutes earlier to get prepared.) Teacher feedback of second draft in groups (face to face) continue…
      Written feedback on TRP presentation
      15 Presentation of Team Research Project (TRP) (continue…) Written feedback on TRP presentation
      16 Presentation of Team Research Project (TRP) (continue…) Written feedback on TRP presentation; teacher comments on students’ presentation video; questionnaire survey of the course; retrospective writing; Team Research Project (TRP) final draft is due
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    • 张荔
    • Associate Professor
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    • Female
    • E-mail:
    • zhangli@sjtu.edu.cn
    • Profile
    • Li Zhang is an associate professor of School of Foreign Languages in Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China. She earned her Ph. D in Applied Linguistics from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2004. Her research interest is computer aided language teaching and learning, academic English writing and communication. She used to work in Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition (CARLA) in the University of Minnesota as a visiting scholar for one year, mainly focusing on how technology helps writing instruction. She has joined UC Irvine School of Education as a Visiting Scholar to conduct collaborative research in Automated Writing Evaluation. She has many years of teaching and researching experience. She is currently teaching the course of academic communications in English and also engaged as a principal investigator in a research project entitled “An automated writing evaluation system supported by corpus, network and cloud technology” sponsored by the Chinese National Social Scie
  • Prerequisite Course:

    college English

  • Textbooks:

    Academic Communications in English- Writing and Presentation
  • Grading:

    Attendance, interactive participation: 10%
    Self-introduction 5%
    Team (TRP) Collaborative Writing 55% Team (TRP) Collaborative Presentation 30%
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