• Pharmaceutics
    • School of Pharmacy
    • Credit. 3
    • PM312
    • Enroll
    • Spring , 2015
    • 5700
    • Course Description:
    • ( Exchange Programme )
    • Pharmaceutics is the discipline of pharmacy. It deals with the safe and effective delivery of a new chemical or biological entity to patients. The course is designed to familiarize the students with the fundamental principles and techniques employed in the formulation design, preparation and quality control of pharmaceutical products. The highlights and the latest progresses in the pharmaceutical research will also be introduced.
      After completing the course, students should:
      1.Understand the purpose and significance of effective and safe drug delivery;
      2.Understand the basic principles for drug delivery and formulation design;
      3.Understand the process and mechanism of drug absorption and metabolism in the body;
      4.Understand the basic properties, preparation and quality control methods for tablets, capsules, and injections;
      5.Understand the mechanisms of sustained and targeted delivery and the related approaches;
      6.Know the critical points for the effective delivery of biomacromolecules and the formulation design.
    • Course Syllabus:
    • The topics include:
      1. The introduction to the definition and purpose of drug delivery, formulation and dosages forms;
      2. The preformulation study and the related characterization methods;
      3. The oral absorption mechanism and principals for oral dosages design;
      4. The solid dosages forms design, preparation and evaluation;
      5. The liquid dosages forms and the disperse systems in pharmaceutical field;
      6. The sustained and targeted delivery;
      7. The parenteral products: injection routes, sterilization methods and the quality control;
      8. The delivery of biomacromolecules: the principles, the challenges and the solutions;
      9. Other important delivery systems and progresses;
    • Schedule:
    • Topics/ Credit hours / Teaching methodology / Tasks / Intended learning outcomes / Assessment methods

      1.Introduction to Pharmaceutics/2 Credit hours/Class teaching/To search the monograph of acetaminophen tablet in Chinese and US Pharmacopeia and to read it/To understand the definition of pharmaceutics, formulation and the significance of effective and safe drug delivery
      2. Preformulation Study/6 Credit hours/Class teaching/Home or team work: How to measure the partition coefficient of a compound? To describe the method and explain it. /To understand the purpose of preformulation study; to learn the methods for the most important properties of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) that should be characterized in preformulation and their relationship to the formulation design and preparation/homework none
      3.Mechanism of Oral Absorption/2 Credit hours/Class teaching/To understand the autonomy of GI tract, the process and mechanism of oral absorption; major factors that have significant effect on oral absorption. /
      4.Solid Dosage Forms/8 Credit hours/Class teaching /Home or team work: To select a marketed tablet or capsule, to explain its formulation and describe the possible preparation method/To understand the properties, the preparation and quality control methods for common tablets and capsules /homework
      5.Liquid Dosage Forms and Disperse Systems/6 Credit hours/Class Teaching/Home or team work: To explain the origin of the physical stability problem related to emulsions and possible solutions/To understand the interfacial properties and the stabilization methods of disperse systems and the related dosage forms./homework
      6. Parenteral Products/6 Credit hours/Class teaching/To understand the properties of different injection routes; the general preparation method of intravenous injection; the sterilization method and the quality control of parenteral products
      7.Sustained Release Dosage Forms/4 Credit hours/Class teaching/To understand the purpose of sustained drug delivery and the methods /
      8.Targeted Delivery and Delivery of Biomolecules/10 Credit hours/Class teaching/To understand the critical points and basic methods for targeted delivery and the delivery of biomolecules /
      9.Other Dosages/4 Credit hours/Class teaching/To know the properties and the preparation method for transcutaneous delivery system and aerosol/
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    • Wei Xiaohui
    • Lecturer
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    • xhwei@sjtu.edu.cn
    • Profile
    • Education Experience:

      2013-2015, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, Postdoc in Prof. Yechezkel Barenholz group;

      2004-2011, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Ph.D in Biomedical Engineering;

      1994-2001, China Pharmaceutical University, Master, Bachelor in Pharmaceutics;

      Work Experience:

      2001 to now, School of Pharmacy, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

      Research Field:

      Nano drug delivery systems for the targeted delivery of antitumor drugs and therapeutic macromolecules;

      Solubilization of poorly soluble drugs for improved bioavailability;
    • Jian Chen
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    • Xu Yuhong
    • Professor
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    • yhxu@sjtu.edu.cn
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  • Prerequisite Course:

    Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Advanced Mathematics

  • Textbooks:

    Pharmaceutics (8th edition),Fang Liang, et al, People’s Medical Publishing House, 2016; (in Chinese)
    Modern Pharmaceutics (4th edition), Gilbert S. Banker, Juergen Siepmann, Christopher Rhodes, CRC press, 2002
  • Grading:

    20%/ Involvement in the class activities
    30%/ Homework and team-work
    50%/Final exam
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