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  • The School of Agriculture and Biology, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) roots from Shanghai Agriculture College, which was founded in 1959. In September 1999, the 40-year history Shanghai Agriculture College was incorporated into SJTU and was renamed as the School of Agriculture and Biology (SAB) in March 2002. The school adheres to the educational philosophy: “Catering to the national demands and adopting the international practice through agriculture-oriented and Shanghai-based development”. By developing strength on the preponderant disciplines, the school focuses on modern biotechnology, information technology, engineering technology and general interdisciplinary integration to promote the traditional agricultural science. With the aim to pioneer a new way of expediting the development of modern agriculture, our school has shifted to a teaching and research school from a teaching school, and is on its way to a research school. In July 2006, the Institute of New Rural Development was set up at SJTU; In May 2009, the school was jointly-run by both the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Agriculture; On December 19, 2013, the Institute of New Rural Development of SJTU was officially approved to be upgraded to national level by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Science and Technology.
    The school devotes three scientific aspects: the Agricultural Biotechnology, the Modern Urban Agriculture and the Food Science and Nutrition. Currently the school has five bachelor degree programs for full-time undergraduate students, nine master’s degree programs, four professional master’s degree programs and three doctoral degree programs. Besides, the school also has one Shanghai municipal key subject in Olericulture and 2 post-doctoral programs in Olericulture and Ecology.
    In the long-term of educational practice, the school has developed a well-structured faculty team through the talents introduction and on-job training. Our faculty has both high-level theoretical and rich experience in teaching and research practices, who are well known for their excellent academic achievements, admirable professional ethics, great passion for agriculture and extraordinary hardworking spirit.
    The approach of talents introduction and providing extensive on-job trainings have been facilitating the optimization of the faculty structure over the years. At present, there are 217 faculty members in total, 136 full-time teachers, accounting for 63% of the total. Moreover, professors make up 37% (50 persons) of the faculty, and that is 42% (57) in associate professors; 93% (126) of teachers have a PhD degree and those who obtained their PhD degrees overseas account for 21% (29); 60% (90) of teachers have studied abroad for at least one year. The school also boasts of 3 chair professors of the Thousand Talent Project, 4 titles chair professors, 2 visiting chair professors, 1 distinguished professor of “Changjiang Scholars Program”, 2 professors of the Thousand Youth Talents Project organized by Central Organization Department, 1 SJTU Honorary Professor, 2 professors supported by Program for New Century Excellent Talents (NCET) in University, 3 excellent academic leaders of Shanghai, 3 professors sponsored by Tang Cornell-China Scholars Program , 2 experts of the National Modern Agricultural Technology & Industry System and 2 specialists supported by the Nation Charitable Foundations for Agriculture Research.
    The School is founded with its educational philosophy, summarized as the combination of “general education, elite education and Innovation education”. SAB sticks to the cultivation talents objectives with profound knowledge, combined skill, opened mind and innovative attitude, aiming to achieve 4 Transformation, namely “turning the application-oriented talents into the research-oriented ones, the specialized talents into the all-round talents, teaching into education, and impartation into learning”. SAB plays an active role in exploring the talents cultivation mode of agricultural science innovation at the comprehensive university and the reform in the enrollment of undergraduates. Since September 2009, SAB has implemented enrolling undergraduates ahead of the College Entrance Examination and signed agreements with Shanghai Agriculture Committee on jointly nurturing agricultural talents. By September 2013, SAB has a total enrollment of 1084 students, including 603 undergraduates and 481 graduate candidates(178 doctoral candidates).
    For years, the School has focused on applied research with considerations to both basic and applied researches. For the last 3 years (2011-2013), the number of national projects and the sum of scientific research funding have remarkably increased, with the total funding of 210 million yuan, 56 projects (including 2 key projects) supported by the National Natural Science Foundation, 433 research papers have been published in SCI/EI journals, 194 patents (including software copyright) were granted, and 24 new crop varieties registered. The school has won 1 First Prize of National Award for Science and Technology Progress, 2 First Prizes for Science & Technology Development of the Ministry of Education, and 1 Second Prize Science and Technology Progress Award of Shanghai.
    From 2003 to the present, 1056 papers have been published in SCI/EI journals, 1780 papers have been published in core journals, 393 patents (including software copyright) have been granted, and 84 Crop Varieties have been registered. The amount of papers per person was at the forefront of domestic agriculture and forestry universities and institutes
    SAB has always taken internationalization development strategy as an important way to enhance educational quality, improve scientific research level and achieve leapfrog development. So far, it has established a good cooperative relationship with more than 30 world-renowned universities and research institutions, including Cornell University, Rutgers University, Purdue University, UC Davis, The University of Nottingham, The Royal Veterinary College, Wageningen University, AgroParis Tech, Massey University, Chiba University, Kyoto University, Minami Kyushu University, etc. The school has established deep and all-round collaborations with the school of Agriculture and Life Science of Cornell University (CALS) since 2004, which ranks top in the global agricultural science field, and made remarkable achievements ever since.
    In order to better cultivate agricultural talents by taking advantages of world class agricultural universities and colleges, the school signed 2+2 Dual Bachelor Degree Agreement with Cornell University, Rutgers University, and Purdue University and so on, more than 20 undergraduates obtained dual degree through these programs up till now. Most of them are successfully enrolled in the master or doctoral degree program by Yale University, Brown University, and other Ivy League Universities after graduation.
    The school is actively finding new partners while deepening existing international cooperation. We have invited professors from 7 world class universities to teach at SJTU, in order to establish an “International Agricultural Elites Education Program” which has been funded by “SJTU 985 Project”. This program is expected to form a fine example of Agricultural talent cultivation in China, as well as leading the school ranked at the top in worldwide agricultural area in the coming decade.
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